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Reluctant Romantic: A Tentative Reading List

During February, Katie at Doing Dewey is hosting The Reluctant Romantic, a challenge to get you acquainted with a genre you've been meaning to read but never seem to make time for, or maybe with a genre that scares you without having tried it. It's an opportunity!

I've decided to try romance. I've been amassing romance recommendations for a while, but any rec is very welcome, specially if it's a standalone! Without further ado, I leave you with my list:

1. Deep in the Valley (Grace Valley Trilogy #1) - Robyn Carr
I've read Virgin River and enjoyed it quite well. In it the main character meets some couples from Grace Valley and they make references to this trilogy. As I thought the couples were very endearing, it could be nice to read the Grace Valley Trilogy first.

2. The Dark Queen (The Dark Queen Saga #1) - Susan Carroll
Katie, who is also trying romance during February, recommended me this one. The synopsis makes it sound like historical fiction, which is a genre I already like. And at the same time there seems to be some fantasy involved, too, which is another genre I enjoy. Genre mashups like this one make trying romance less scary.

3. A Rogue by Any Other Name (The Rules of Scoundrels #1) - Sarah MacLean
I've only heard good things about Sarah MacLean. In fact, her books have been reviewed by Book Riot roughly saying something along the lines of "Did you think romance was badly written and full of clichés? You have not read Sarah MacLean." And in fact I haven't read Sarah MacLean, so I guess I should remedy that.

4. Romancing the Duke (Castles Ever After #1) - Tessa Dare
More or less the same has been said about Tessa Dare, with the added bonus that this book involves storybooks in its plot.

5. Sweet Enemy (Veiled Seduction #1) - Heather Snow
Ifi, a friend from GR, has recommended me this one specifically since the heroine is a scientist! In Regency England! I'm cautiously excited.

6. Sweet Filthy Boy (Wild Seasons #1) - Christina Lauren
It's more like new adult, so I think it will be very different from the rest of the books in this list. Again, a glowing Book Riot review made me add it to my wishlist.

7. Asking for It (Asking for It #1) - Lilah Pace
Apparently, this is the BDSM romance/erotica book you have to read if you want controversy on your plate. It's right there in the title. Everyone says it's well written and thought-provoking. This book is so far from my comfort zone that I may as well have to take a plane to go and read it, but at the same time is the one I'm most curious about. If I get to this one, none of you will ever say that I didn't try!

Of course, I reserve the rights (1) not to finish a book if I'm not enjoying it, (2) not to finish the list, and (3) go on reading a series if I feel like it instead of starting a new one.

What do you say? Is this too bold for a newbie?

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  1. I'm so excited you'll be reading romance with me this month! I've been enjoying the romance reads I've picked up so far, so I'll definitely be revisiting your recommendations and any reviews to pick out some future romance reads myself :)

    1. We'll keep each other company through this adventure :)

      Nice to know you are liking romance! I can't really say my first pick has been much of a romance novel though. It's more like a small town gossip kind of novel. You've been warned!

  2. I hope you enjoy Romancing the Duke and the Castles Ever After series by Tessa Dare; it's the only series I've read by her to date and I thought they were a lot of fun. Romancing the Duke had some pretty hilarious/crazy moments as I recall xD

    1. I never got around to reading it during February, but will definitely give her a try. After all, I really enjoyed Sarah MacLean, so I know I'll keep reading romance.