domingo, 20 de diciembre de 2015

Regarding blogging

This blog has been dead for quite a while. 

I told myself it was because I have been travelling quite a lot for grad school. And because I had a load of work and a load of coursework. 

All of that is true, but I just have prioritized other things before the blog. I've been running my tumblr (almost) smoothly. I haven't stopped reading. I've been watching TV shows. I've playing board games and videogames. I've been baking, which I love and hadn't done for quite a while. While I don't enjoy luxurious chunks of spare time, it seems that I'm willing to make time for other things I enjoy.

So I've decided to face the real cause behind my blogging hiatus: I don't enjoy this format. I dread reviews. Most books don't elicit in me that desire to write a long, thoughtful review about them. And let's be real, comments aren't flowing. My main impulse behind blogging was finding a community to talk about books, but I found it better on booklr. I can't seem to find a blogging community where I can fully fit. And I've realized it might be because I'm not blogging as I'd like - I was just following what other bloggers do. That has turned blogging into a chore, not something I enjoy.

I was going to make the usual end-of-year recap about the blog and some New Year's resolutions about how I want to change the content and make my blog truly mine. But screw that - New Year's way too far away.

I'm starting right now. I'm back to blogging!

(I will post past due reviews because I feel like owe these books a fair review, but when I get up to date with those, I will do as I please - mainly, I'll only write extensively about books that warrant it, and write mini-reviews for the rest on a regular basis)

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  1. Sorry to hear it's been bumpy blogging-wise lately but recognising what works and what doesn't work should help. The book blogging community can be so big, it's easy to get lost in it at times. Hope everything works out with what you want and plan to do with your blog in the coming year, all the very best for 2016! :)

    1. Thanks for the kind words! And same to you :)