domingo, 1 de marzo de 2015

February in Review

February has been a hard month. I don't know how such a short month can feel so long!
  • My PI (that's my boss for those of you not versed in PhD slang) kind of freaked out when a rival group published some results that hit too close home, so he's been giving us an awful load of work to try to beat them with our next manuscript. Ah, grad school!
  • Long hours in the lab means I get home too tired to blog, but I've not given up reading. Although only one blogpost in a whole month is crappy by any standards.
  • I managed to read 834 pages in February. 54 more than in January! It doesn't seem that much, but I'm really proud. And that in spite of the slog that was The City and the Pillar!

What did I read?

Kia and Gio · The City and the Pillar · Damage · Embroideries

Reading Challenge Progress
I've read my first book for Stacey's 2015 Classics Challenge , but none for the 2015 Mount TBR challenge nor the Classics Club.

On the blog...

Goals for March...
  1. I have lots of books left from my little project of reading more about love, so I will be tackling those first. If possible, I want to focus more on women, since this month is Women History Month.
  2. Installing disqus was a catastrophe. I definitely have to try this again at some point, but it was harder than I was expecting.
  3. Try to blog a little more often. It shouldn't be that difficult to have at least two reviews up this month.