lunes, 12 de enero de 2015

2014 Challenges Wrap Up

Last year, in an effort to read more and more varied, I joined several reading challenges. A year has elapsed, so how go did it go?

The Classics Club
I've read 7 out of my 52 pledged books, and I should finish by September 27th, 2018. If I want to read all of those classics, I need to make a greater effort! However, I've read 12 additional classics this year. I suspect I'm suffering a case of avoiding my list. I know I'm trying to ration my domestic fiction, while my more daunting books are needing extra preparation. I know I can do this!

Everything España
7 is the magic number once more. I aimed for four books, and almost doubled the number. I'm really proud of this one!

Reading Outside the Box
23 out of 25! Yay! I'm counting this as completed, since there were only two categories left: self-published, because I had no idea of what to read, and picture books. I've read like a dozen picture books with my niece this year, but I don't keep track of them, and I don't blog about them. Technically, I only had one category left unread, and that is a big success in my book!

2014 TBR Pile
This was an utter flop. It was the third or fourth time I've tried using this challenge to try to tame my unwieldy TBR pile, but I just read half of them. I have books on that list that I'm dying to read, but their inclusion in the challenge automatically made them feel like a chore. I've spent a year avoiding them! 
I also like having a TBR pile around the house - 2015 is my first year with a reliable income, which means that in the past I wasn't always able to instantly buy whatever I wanted to read, and the library doesn't always have the titles I feel like reading available. My source of books were always my parents, but we live in different cities and getting enough books to sustain me between visits is not an easy task. I am a mood reader, so having a physical TBR pile to choose books from actually facilitate my reading habits. Why would I want to get read of it then?
This challenge was never meant for me, but I'm thankful that it has let me know myself better!

However, I've been consistently bad at reviewing the books I've read. Several things contributed to this, but I plan to start 2015 with a clean slate - be prepared to undergo a flood of book reviews soon!

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