miércoles, 23 de julio de 2014

The Letter R

Linda at Silly Little Mischief did The Letter Meme and she gave me letter R! Here are my answers:

1. Favorite book with the letter R: Ready Player One, by Ernest Cline. It is such a fun book!

2. Favorite author with the letter R: This is a tie between J.K. Rowling and Pat Rothfuss. Both amazing fantasy writers in their own way.


3. Favorite song with the letter R: I don't have all-time favorite songs. I have a few bands I've been listening forever, but they don't have any songs I truly like starting with R. So I'm gonna pick the strongest two from my current playlist, Royals by Lorde, and Ride by Lana del Rey.

4. Favorite film with the letter R: Reservoir Dogs, hands down. I love Tarantino's movies, and his first one is spectacular.

5. Favorite object with the letter R: Um, I've been scratching my head with this one for a while. My rain boots? My reading log? Ha, I don't know what to say.

Let me know if you want a letter, too!

4 comentarios:

  1. Yay! ready Player One is one of my favorites. Thanks for playing along.

  2. This looks like fun! I would love to try!

    1. Gah sorry, I hadn't noticed this comment! I'm super sorry, really.

      If you still want to play, I give you letter A!