domingo, 16 de marzo de 2014

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shamelessly stole got this idea from Kim, who blogs at Sophisticated Dorkiness. She reviews the most amazing books, so go read her blog!

Bookshop Caravan
Source: weirdthingsinbookshops

Time: 21:07

Place: At home

Eating & Drinking: Nothing. I just had a bacon & cheese croissant and a frozen yoghurt with strawberries and chocolate.

Reading: I finally got a good reading weekend! I finished A Tale for the Time Being, and the second National Episode, The Court of Charles IV. I've also started Women Heroes of World War II: 26 Stories of Espionage, Sabotage, Resistance, and Rescue, a nonfiction book on WWII, since March is Women's History Month. I'm finding it easy to read and a bit light on the content, but it makes for a great introductory text.

Writing: Not that much. A couple of reviews.

Watching: Castle, Scrubs, and my all-time favorite show, Gilmore Girls.

Listening: Just finished The Court of Charles IV. I guess I'll go back to WTNV for a while. Also, a friend showed me Nujabes this week, and I've had his music on repeat. His take on rap and jazz was unique. Listen to Feather and see what I mean. It's sad that there will never be new songs by him.

Loving: A great and packed week. The weather has been lovely, and I've spend most days outside with friends or family. I'm even a bit tanned! (By tanned I mean not white as paper, which is my usual complexion)

Hating: Unfortunately, I'm going to have a surge of work soon, so I don't know how constant I'll be regarding blogging and reading.

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  1. Love that Bookshop Caravan! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

    1. Thanks! The credit goes to weirdthingsinbookshops for finding such awesome places.