sábado, 1 de marzo de 2014

Currently | On a reading slump

shamelessly stole got this idea from Kim, who blogs at Sophisticated Dorkiness. She reviews the most amazing books, so go read her blog!

Vintage Books
Source: Vintage, via Again Behold the Stars

Time: 12:30

Place: At home

Eating & Drinking: Russian Earl Grey Tea

Reading: After my presentation, I thought that I would get more real free hours after work. Instead, I have undertaken yet another project, completely unrelated to the previous two, so I have many papers to read if I want to catch up. Conference season is also right around the corner, so I also have to prepare conference sessions and posters. I love every minute of it all, but I'm neglecting my books. Enough whining. I have finished Watchmen and I'm still reading A Tale for the Time Being, which I'm loving.

Writing: Work reports.

Watching: I've been too tired to consistently watch any show. I've been turning on the TV and watching random programs and any Gilmore Girls episodes I come across.

Listening: Nothing at all. I'm planning on starting the second National Episode, The Court of Charles IV.

Looking forward to: reading outside. We got a couple of sunny days and I took the opportunity to be outside as much as I could. However, we got a snowfall and the temperatures dropped again, and it looks like March is going to be really windy and wet.

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