sábado, 1 de febrero de 2014

Currently | Cozying up at home

shamelessly stole got this idea from Kim, who blogs at Sophisticated Dorkiness. She reviews the most amazing books, so go read her blog!

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Time: 1:20

Place: Back home, at my parent's house. It's my niece's first birthday :)

Eating & Drinking: Tea & Veggie Crisps. I happen to love veggie crisps, and my mom has raided the store to buy every single bag in sight to celebrate my visit!

Reading: The last Currently section made me ashamed of not having finished my Christmas reading, and pushed me out of my reading rut. This week I have started reading Alan Moore's Watchmen, Ruth Ozeki's A Tale for the Time Being and Galdós' Trafalgar.

Writing: Not much lately. I should finish some drafts and reviews.

Watching: I finished S3 of Sherlock (it blew my mind) and have started watching Scrubs. I somehow missed it when it aired - it's a great comedy.

Listening: Again, Welcome to Night Vale. I've also started listening to audiobooks! I was starting to get tired of the humour in WTNV (it's great, but I was listening to too many episodes a day), so I decided to try audiobooks and they're great. I know, I've been wasting my time (and being such a snob for so long)! Now I listen to them while I get ready in the morning, while I do long and mindless tasks at work and while I cook. So much reading time found.

Loving: Being home! Eating nice food and cake. Spending time with my family. It's all so nice and heartwarming. I don't want to leave :(

Hating: That horrible flu that kept me down for over a month? It was swine flu. I freaked out. Fortunately, I'm fine now. Weak, but fine.

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  1. I recently discovered Veggie Straws and I love them! They're almost as satisfying as potato chips and way healthier. I can't wait to see season 3 of Sherlock, but since I don't have cable, I'm waiting for it to show up on Netflix. I'm glad to hear it was awesome! :)

    1. I know, they are addicting, aren't they? I also find veggie snacks more satisfying and filling than potato or corn-based snacks. Maybe it's the fiber?

      This last Sherlock season is rather different from the previous two, but I've really enjoyed them. I hope you can see it soon :)