lunes, 22 de julio de 2013

How books can open your mind

In this fascinating and really short TED Talk, Lisa Bu talks about how she turned to books after her initial dream to become an opera singer didn't come true. In over five minutes, she is able to convey her enthusiasm about reading, how books can make you happy when you didn't expect it and how they can help to broaden your horizons and make you more open-minded. That's quite a feat for such a short time! 

The people from TED have also put together an amazing and huge reading list composed of books mentioned by famous TED speakers, among which are the ones mentioned by Lisa Bu in this talk and the ones mentioned by Chip Kidd in that awesome talk about designing book covers. If you have run out of ideas for your summer reading, why not try to make a dent on the list?

Note: I'll be away for a week or so, but I've scheduled a couple of entries to appear during my absence. Hopefully this will work and I won't come back to find an imploded blog or some such thing.

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